The best of the Best Western experience, right in the palm of your hands.

Introducing, the Best Western Mobile Concierge Platform, designed to deliver an amazing guest experience¯the kind Best Western delivers every day.


The Mobile Concierge Platform has proven to have a significant impact on guest satisfaction scores for all participating hotels.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

5.7PT increase when using
Mobile Check-In
12.6PT increase when using
Mobile Requests

Overall Experience (OE)

4.1PT increase when using
Mobile Check-In
8.8PT increase when using
Mobile Requests


The Mobile Concierge Platform is simple and easy to use for guests and hoteliers. It is designed to create loyalty, increase bookings and raise overall satisfaction.


Now your guests can enjoy a streamlined check-in process while you can collect data and more effectively sell upgrades.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • An expedited check-in process
  • Ability to prepare for guests in advance
  • Opportunity to create custom question to better meet guest needs
  • Revenue-generating upgrades
  • Pre-Check in to VM desktop and Cloud PM cover over 1500 of our +/-2000 NA hotels

Guest Benefits:

  • Faster check-in
  • Notifications when room is ready

Program Data Collected:

  • Arrival time
  • Purpose of trip
  • First time stay/repeat visitor
  • Sales generated from additional guests
  • Sales generated from room and parking upgrades
  • Additional requests


Upselling is easy on the new mobile guest platform and gives guests the opportunity to enhance their stay.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Ability to customize upgrade information
  • Instantly edit pricing
  • Confirm availability

Guest Benefits:

  • Opportunity to choose a better room
  • Conveniently track all changes and charges
  • Guests can now improve their overall Best Western experience, right from their phones

Pilot Program Data Collected:

  • Opportunity to choose a better room
  • Conveniently track all changes and charges
  • Guests can now improve their overall Best Western experience, right from their phones

Guest Services

Guests can quickly request service and support via open, text-free response forms.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Cuts down on request response time
  • Easily manages requests from any device
  • Tracks requests and guest behavior
  • Access to modern technology to boost brand image

Guest Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient staff response
  • No need to go down to the lobby or be placed on hold just to make a request
  • Ability to make requests off-site.

Pilot Program Data Collected:

  • Request anything using open-text form
  • Choose from a pre-set list of amenities available by request
  • Easily report any room issues with open-text form

Local Content

From great restaurants to local site seeing, the mobile guest platform puts the guest’s destination right at their fingertips.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Fully integrated with TripAdvisor, requiring no setup or management from staff
  • Easily marketed through marketing materials or staff-to-guest interactions
  • Big potential to generate revenue
  • Further incentivises guests to use platform

Guest Benefits:

  • Ability to look up local things to do based on TripAdvisor ratings and reviews
  • Instantly book tickets and make reservations
  • Skip long lines
  • Download e-tickets and provide real-time feedback via TripAdvisor reviews

International Content

Content that is tailored to each property’s location and each guests’ preferred language.

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Ability to support over 45 languages
  • Time and currency automatically adjusted depending on location
  • Increased global branding

Guest Benefits:

  • Translate content in preferred language
  • Ability to communicate with hotel staff in language of guests choice
  • Great local content regardless of location

Analytics and Staff Management

Hotelier Benefits:

  • Easy to use request management system allows members to quickly respond to guest requests, make staff to staff requests, filter requests, and respond through any device regardless of location
  • Staff management and reporting dashboard gives members ability to set up email alerts, provide escalation notices when requests go unnoticed by staff, and analyze staff performance over time
  • Robust guests analytics enables members to track mobile platform usage to better understand and predict guest behavior
  • Full, 24/7 tech support for members, starting with implementation and training as well as access to Customer Success agents committed to helping properties engage users and yield results


Nathan Kremer General Manager
Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn

We are extremely satisfied with our experience with the Runtriz platform! As a beta user that has been using the program for about 6 months, we have witnessed the ROI. In addition, we know that some guests want to communicate in that manner and we believe more will.

Jessica Morris General Manager
Best Western Plus Independence Park Hotel

Runtriz has been a great tool that we have been using. Our parking sales have increased and the check in process is much faster!

Tyson Ghostkeeper Regional Director of Operations
Best Western Canada

We've had a great experience with Runtriz from the beginning. The implementation and the platform couldn't be easier! Our team and guests love the ability to connect with the front desk using the messaging platform. We have also seen many compliments at all ve of our hotels on TripAdvisor and our email reviews with the ease and eciency of using mobile check-in and requests!

Mehul Patel Voting Member
Best Western Plus DFW Airport Suites

Being able to have a direct form of communication with our guests before and during check in has allowed us to tailor each guest experience.

Steve Wang

The Runtriz program has worked great for communicating with guests and has quite a bit of exibility in order to optimize it for each hotel. It has saved us countless hours of manpower and we are able to provide more personalized attention where it counts.
We have been very happy with the program and one of the key features is the reliability and consistency. From the day we assisted with beta testing it, Runtriz has never failed to load nor has it ever crashed. We have never experienced a guest complaint about a message not being delivered.

Farah Tamboury, CHA Assistant General Manager

Imagine the hotels our grandchildren will be staying in. Runtriz is bringing Best Western Hotels and Resorts into the future. Our property has already seen a 15 point increase in our NPS, and an enthusiastic response from our guests that all requests can simply be sent from the tips of their ngers, or by a quick chat with 'Alexa.' The hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds and this is our way to keep up. We have had a great response from our guests, and we wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone!

Casey Martin General Manager
Best Western Plus DFW Airport Suites #44648

We really like the Pre-Check In feature. It allows the front desk to get an idea of arrival times for guests and allows some time to prepare for any additional requests or early arrivals that pop up before the guests actually arrive at the hotel.

Runtriz can make it easy for guest to communicate with the front desk without having to call. Guests can use it to request additional amenities or ask questions without having to pick up the phone and plus for the front desk-if they are with another guest they donˊt experience the same interruptions that phone calls for extra towels could cause-win win for the guest and the front desk.

We get a lot of BWR sign ups through Runtriz, the front desk enjoy this because they get to enroll the guest and reap the awesome benefits of innsider rewards.

We also get a lot of guest comments simply telling us they are looking forward to their stay or "keep up the good work". It always brightens our day to know our guests are happy and enjoying their stay and acknowledging our hard work.

Sterling, my Guest Service Manager, used Runtriz as a guest when she traveled to San Francisco. She had arranged to be picked up from the airport by the hotel but her flight experienced some delays. From the aircraftˊs wifi she logged into Runtriz and communicated with the hotel that her flight was delayed, the time that it was now expected to land and that she would still need a ride to the hotel. The hotel got her message and was waiting for her at the airport once she got there. This saved Sterling a lot of stress and apprehension as the traveler and it saved the hotel time and honestly added a BAM! to Sterlingˊs stay with them.

Zach Bynum GM Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn #45067

Since we started using the Mobile Concierge Platform, we've really benefitted from a few specific functions. We really like early check-in feature, we're excited the text function is back, and about the ability of customization to each individual hotel.

Tanna Zwina GM Best Western Lodge at Riverˊs Edge #13057

The Runtriz Mobile Platform is a great tool for our front desk team. I was against this program at first, I felt we would lose that interaction and connection we have with our guests. After several months of being a part of it, it is quite the opposite. It helps the staff engage with the guest before they even arrive at our property. We are more familiar with their requests or needs which helps us better prepare for their stay with us. The team enjoys the fact that it involves the guest in their stay. The guests are able to communicate with us before they even enter our Lobby and are excited to tell us they checked in already!! This interaction sets our hotel and the guest up for a satisfying and memorable stay with us!! I would definitely recommend this program for all properties, even if you are a great performer, it will enhance the guest experience even more.

Erin Roden GM #51073 BW Plus Casper Inn & Suites

We have only just recently started using the mobile engagement platform to it's full potential, now that we are it's made getting information about a guests stay easy and allows us to receive requests from the guest before they even check in. It's also a great way to show guests what there is in the area for them, whether it be restaurants, shopping, entertainment, or local attractions without making them search for it on their own.

Andrew Gemberling GM Best Western Plus Country Cupboard Inn #39063

Our guests enjoy the opportunity to provide us information before they arrive, and our front desk like that they can answer our guests requests with efficiency before they even arrive at the desk. It's much easier to know ahead of arrival about special requests so arrangements can be made. Having Runtriz set as the landing page for our complimentary internet service also provides our guests with local information, such as weather, traffic, local restaurants and hotel information which many have commented is a nice touch.

Kurt Thomas GM/Owner Best Western Plus Intercourse Village Inn & Suites #39039

The Runtriz mobile engagement platform has been a valuable tool in helping us deliver superior customer care to our guest and provides us with a great communication tool to engage our guest during the stay. Runtriz enhances the overall guest experience, which is a winner for both the guest and property!

Jim Hecox GM Best Western Plus Morristown Inn #31016

Runtriz is a great way to communicate with your guests before they arrive. You will know their arrival times and any last minute requests they may have ahead of their arrival, which makes the check-in process quicker and more efficient. Consider it a tool which helps to maximize your staffˊs effectiveness while also minimizing the service times that your guestsˊ may encounter.